How to Make Your App Competitive in 2020

App Design & Development

To make a competitive App in the era of mobile Internet, you must first answer a question:

For my solution, what am I trying solve?

And also consider answering the following questions:

  1. Think about statistics, is this problem quite common?
  2. Who are the intended audience for my solution?
  3. Has anyone released anything similar?
  4. What will differentiate my solution to the others on the market?
  5. Am I able to take a bite-able chunk away from the current providers?

Here are some practical tips suggested by Rocketeers Consultation Group (RCG).

Improve your idea

Firstly, the app name should be memorable, short & unique. Don't be too generic, such as “home appliance app” or “mall app”. Take Amazon or eBay as an example, not only the name is easy to remember, but also easy to write when the user is searching.

App Categorization

Consideration should always be placed on what the app will be categorized as; A shopping app, a consulting app, a social app, or a tool app and this will be critical when defining the functionality of the app.

For example, when looking at a shopping app, we need to consider its functions:

    • product display
    • product purchasing
    • payment

If your app idea is of a social app, you need to add user types, user information flows and user communication functions.

Find your targeted audience

You can't develop one app which will meet everyone’s needs, therefore you should concentrate on your defined targeted audience.

In terms of your app, user research can provide the insight required to who the target users are. With the target audience identified, you are able to categorize the users and their requirements.

It is important to evaluate and test your competitor's products before defining your scope. This allows designers to translate the complete scope for the development team.

It is also important to establish ideal operation models and cognitive models for users when using the app as this will clarify the user experience issues of the app and its shortfalls; it will help designers explore the most intuitive and natural product interaction methods.

The key to breaking through

Pilot testing is a great way to confirm that your app works! You should find these pilot test users, as they will provide genuine feedback on how they perceive the app and its functionality.

Once the app is finalized, gaining app popularity and audience awareness is a crucial step that needs to be addressed. If you start from scratch, you must solve the problem of gaining initial users for the app.

The easiest way to do this is to:

  1. Find a content producer that can help promote the app by creating content.
  2. Find an influencer that has a vast number of followers who can provide the user base you need.

After you have initial users who have started to play a big role in your app, it is time to look into the user’s feedback and work towards improvements they suggest; listening to feedback is a vital key to breaking through within any market.

Words in the end

Turning an idea into a competitive app will encounter many unimaginable difficulties. It requires not only determination but also connections and resources; make your responsibilities clear, and build a reliable team to succeed.

So, if you want your app to be competitive, it is wise to consider the points suggested in this article.

No matter what your requirements are, whether develop your app from scratch or improve it from where it is today, we are ready to support your requirements.

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