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RCG has a dedicated team that specalises in providing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning solutions for customers as per there requirements. You can get AI-based web apps and mobile based app solutions. Our aim will be to provide design, develop and bring to market powerful AI and machine learning solutions that will change business processes.

We endeavor to change the landscape of operations and how businesses communicate to their customers for the better. We do this by suggesting solutions that support automation along with data analytics.

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Voice assistant

The team at RCG are able to develop customisable solutions using pre-existing AI solutions. Voice assistants can bring forth personalised experiences by allowing you to tailor the assistant to your needs. We can also incorporate Google, Alexa or Siri into the solution we develop.  

Our AI experts can ensure your challenges are addressed appropriately during the development of your personalised AI solution. We can create skills for Alexa or create automated procedures to commence on key words or certain activities. Imagine letting Alexa be your next tourist guide when exploring new places.

“Alexa, Lets contact the Rocketeers” ok, it didn’t work, hit the contact us button now!


Automated chatbots on social media are the current trend, there are various business opportunities to explore with the aid of your own chatbot. Chatbots range from automated responses, customisable chat templates, engaging personal assistants to taking care of your clients.

We can integrate various API calls to bots and this will allow you to receive notifications through webhooks. Our bots are designed to stay online and be cost efficient; so, when you are away, the bot plays.

Bot: Want to explore more?

You: Sure, let’s do it

Bot: Hit the contact us button now!

You: Nothing ever works!


Numerous businesses are driven by data science to analyse sales, brand success, deliver products and produce results. At RCG, we ensure, you are involved with cutting edge technologies when dealing with analytics. Our solutions, will study the data you provide, provide you with accurate information to reach your goal.

Our AI solutions for data analytics are developed to assess and compute the next logical decision to aid in your business processes. We draw definitive areas of focus when it comes to analysing the data, we strive to provide the efficiency that will assist the business objectives.

We can also utilise current off-the-shelf products such as Splunk & Elastic search to create endless business intelligence opportunities.

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Whether you are an established business or a startup, ensuring you have a well thought out digital presence is the key to success. With RCG, we will ensure every project we take on board, will meet our quality assurance criteria; Through collaboration between our strategists, designers, technologists and you (the client).