Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

As a progressive and forward thinking digital agency, Rocketeers Consultation Group offers result driven services that are nailed on to ensure the success of your business. We have a team of professional writers, designers, marketers, editors, animators, and photographers who are stationed to making your business become that enterprise that it is meant to be.


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A qualitative and impactful approach to business growth.

Our Strategy

Our Dimensional’s is primarily aimed at spurring you to growth and business success with a practical approach. 

The functionality of all the areas we function in; from Paid Media to Consulting, to even Influencers, are laid bare just for you to learn possible and practical ways of effecting positive change in your business and above all, being this change yourself.



We turn ideas into reality by connecting all the dots that makes for a successful enterprise.

Our Strategy

We are deliberate in our attempt to ensuring productivity in all areas. With our Rocketeer Collection, we help you connect all the dots to secure results with the following packages:

  • B2B Partnership: with our experience over the years, we know what works sometimes, what works all the time, as well as the right partnership that strengthens businesses. It is with this expertise that we will direct you to the best partnerships that will birth positive growth.
  • Trend Maker: We will use our experience to introduce you to foreseeable trends which will put you at the forefront of it all
  • Right Strategy: Because we understand that business success starts with the little things, we’ll help you plan your business activities and movements to ensure you do the right things at the right time.
  • Outstanding concept: We take advantage of our creativity to organize your social events.



Individual’s oriented growth and branding.

Our Strategy

At Rocketeers Consultation Group , not only do we concern ourselves with building enterprises that are results filled, but we also bother about individuals and how they can get to the peak of their careers.

Be you a musician, an artist, a visionary, an OAP or even an athlete; we have contents that are creatively crafted for individual careers and talents to take a boost. We restructure your mindset for the right audience.



We offer digital marketing solutions for start-ups and high growth businesses, giving your brand that boosts it needs.

Our Strategy

The Rocketeers Inclusive setup was specially made for brands with remarkable potential for continuous growth but lack a means to effective ad strategies.

We realize that all it takes such promising brands to maximize their potential is some push from the right mind that knows what it takes to help an enterprise get to its limit and we do this in the following ways:

  • Accelerator Campaign: this includes the creation of content, playbooks, as well as the organization of workshops.
  • Projects Execution: effective project execution and goal maximization.
  • Inclusive Agency of record (AOR): This relates to the essential services that we render.



We develop efficient and effective IOT marketing solutions such as connected retail, voice platforms, smart experiential, etc. and we devise practical means to package your business enticingly.

Our Strategy

We aim to strike a balance between the media and your business. We do this by utilizing voice platforms, connected retail, the mailing system, and every bulk means of getting across to your audience. We partner with you to achieve maximum goals. We are you-conscious, so we provide you with voice solutions that are all-encompassing. We leverage our experience to sell your business to a broad spectrum of audience smartly.

Our digital strategy of marketing ensures that you have clients all over the globe and as far as your brand is in line with digital connectivity worldwide, be sure that Rocketeers social will give your brand the needed exposure to shine.



We offer the best E-commerce marketing and business building over marketplaces and owned  dot-coms.

Our Strategy

Our wealth of knowledge, and the ability to professionally fuse in the use of technology in promoting your business stands us out. We can step up your business digitally with the use of e-commerce. We cover every area and sector with the latest technology, and we also have working partnerships with other top firms.

Our e-commerce service includes the following:

  • Strategizing: With our active management skill, we can either strengthen your existing framework and strategies or help you build up some new and practical ones. We let you in on business enhancers that can make your revenue take a unique shape.
  • All Round Optimization: We help you build your reach by increasing your conversion rate. Prospects will begin to be clients, and this will expand your horizon. We bring about solutions that are Walmart targeted, and marketplace oriented.
  • Customer Relationship Management Growth: We help build customer relationships that are ROI focused. Our aim with this package is to ensure that your customer base is formed on reliable and loyal clients who would spread the word about your business.
  • Infrastructure Development: With a critical assessment of different platforms, we will build a site that is aimed at having direct contact with your clients which is ultimately aimed at conversion and the collation of data.
  • Revenue Implementation: A workable strategy that is dedicated to building your brand and bringing sustainable revenue it’s way.



The Rocketeer consulting service is fixed at helping businesses gain substantial growth and scale in their enterprise.

Our Strategy

Having worked with big brands over the years, and have effectively assisted them with all kinds of media marketing and publicity, we pride ourselves in the knowledge of what we do. Seeing small businesses grow after they came to us is an affirmation that impact is what we’re here for.

We do realize that the problem with a lot of businesses lies in the effective development and actualization of ideas. Some of these businesses already have the media and Influencers working for them. What they lack is the right mentor ship and counsel to launch astounding ideas and concepts that they have. At Rocketeers Consultation Group , we help guide the categories of people mentioned above into success by letting them in on strategizing and the right planning.

Rocketeer Counsel is a premium headway to unlocking new heights. Our team of consult experts hear you out and help you come up with a plethora of practical approach to taking your business to the top. From a thorough evaluation of the very basis that your business is built on, we go over areas that your business is lacking in, areas it is doing well in, and all these are geared at coming up with viable means to moving forward and staying ahead. We also do a thorough edit of all of your laid down strategies with the aim of helping you grow.

To this end, we provide you with three stages of Rocketeers Consult:

  1. Effective Planning:

    We have a host of professionals in this regard, and they are sure to help you in:

    • strategizing,
    • building your business focus
    • effective execution of all the plans that we come up with

  2. Networking:

    Because we realize the efficacy of networking, we leverage its use to advance your business. We make use of Influencers, e-commerce, CRM, SEO, investors, retailers, 3PL, and smart tech in a way that it develops your business like never before.

  3. Rocketeers Consult Helpline:

    Our helpline avails you consultations on a weekly basis, gives you access to call us in case of emergencies – we’ll tell you what to do and the best way to deal with such situations, and we would also answer all of your questions.

    The Rocketeers Consult initiative is well thought out to ensure growth, business stability, and insight. So why not make use of this opportunity, and let us help you set your enterprise on track.



We help clients power value by promoting the use of correct, relevant data to help produce business decisions.

Our strategy

Not only do we attain excellent marketing results as a group, but we also streamline our energy into accuracy and efficient analysis of what needs to be done. We do understand the power of data and analytics; this is why our team of professionals critically weigh the different needs of our diverse clients and decide the best possible means to achieve the common goal of excellence.

We are strategic in our methods of getting things done, and so, we are very meticulous in using a means to achieving our goal with a typical system that works. With our analytical approach to making your brand stand out, you are rest assured that we will leave no stone unturned in leveraging analytics for the success of your enterprise.

Our electronic data and web analytic is unequaled as it provides you a wide variety on a massive scale. Our ability to integrate strategies keeps us a step ahead. Across various strata of business analyzing, we bring about marketing solutions that are suited to today’s market and we do this through the following means.

Visualising: making practical decisions with the use of data.

Technology Integration: the use and implementation of combined technology in a bid to achieving growth.

Data Integration and Control: the use of different systems in data centralization.

Tactics: coming up with formidable strategies not just now, but also for the future.

Digital Exposure: informing clients on the importance of updating themselves with new inventions and innovation for business growth.

Research: We have attained a commendable rate of progress in all of our time as a group because of how consistent we are in looking in depth and getting the needed knowledge to see us through. We keep upgrading our understanding to give your business that boosts and push to take it to the next level.



We build and execute strategies that sees Influencers producing and sharing branded assets while passing unbiased opinions from their ardent audiences to our clients.

Our Strategy

We utilize our expertise in influencer marketing to connect you with just the right audience for your business. Before we settle for influencers, we make sure they are aligned with our cause and the common goal.

We help you single out the kind of Influencers that is suitable for the ultimate goal. We locate individuals and brands alike of high repute. With our expertise, we make visible a campaign strategy that our Influencers put into effect. Because we are audience-oriented and we understand that different businesses attract different audiences, we carefully pick out your audience from the crowd while our Influencers concentrate on reaching them with the message of your brand.

For Influencers, we have two (2) strategies; primary and secondary. While the former focuses on a particular streamlined audience to drive home the message, the latter is centered around increasing the reach to a broader spectrum of people.

We then progress to Monitoring the established reach and awareness with a crucial metric.



With extensive knowledge of digital platforms and a structure dedicated to handling all media planning, we are well equipped to deliver results in today’s market.

Our Strategy

Our media integration abilities put us ahead, and it gives us an edge to customizable strategies that is tailor-made to accelerate your brand and give it the advertising that it deserves. We understand the effect and boost that the media can provide to your brand and we’re leveraging our capabilities to make things happen and give you that awareness that will bring you out.

Our in-house team of experts is poised to showcase your brand to the world through strategic media marketing. In this time and age where a lot of people search for products and services on media platforms, we take advantage of this in making your brand a name to reckon with within a short span of time. With our media-oriented staffs, your brand is sure to take advantage of media advertising to achieve business growth and increase.

Our team has a firm grasp of all paid media strategies, and we leverage on the use of displays advertisements, branded contents, and PPC advertising to help you stand out from competitions and be renowned in the industry that your business relates to. We will help you expose your enterprise to potential clients through traffic. We make functional use of all social media in a bid to reaching out to your prospects. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, youtube, Instagram, alongside our video ads, carousel ads, story ad; your business is sure to experience that boost that will make your brand a name on many lips. We treat the brand of each client as a new project, and we do not rely on existing methods to actualize our client’s goals. This is where our creative side is put to use. Our in-house creative team thinks about the best way to connect your business to the media and this they do in the best way possible. With proper research into what is going to work for your business best, we decipher the exact strategy that your business needs.

What’s more? We carry you along in all activities regarding ads purchases and all financial implications that is accrued. We do not keep data a secret, we involve you every step of the way.



We have within our ranks, a team of experienced and professional writers, art directors, designers, animators, editors, and producers who work with a common goal to produce strong contents to power brands to the next level.

Our Strategy

We are deeply concerned about possible means of helping you execute your project and bringing it into that reality that you so desire. That is why we have a team of professionals in every field that we work in.

We aim to make sure that we drive your enterprise to success and this we do with the very best capable hands. Our team is highly experienced and have a broad knowledge of what works at every step of the way. Our wealth of professional and experienced writers, art directors, producers, animators, editors, and producers are focused on giving your brand the push it needs to get to the next level.

We are geared towards using our creativeness to bringing you original, unique and eye catchy contents, and designs in every capacity that you will have us to. We take up your project like you’re a part of the team and we deliver results that leave you with topmost satisfaction.

Our prices are tailored to soothe your budget as we always ensure we do not cause you to break the bank to afford professional service. Our creativity cuts across social media to online marketing and is poised to satisfying you with the best.

Massive reach and optimal productivity are what we meticulously bring to you.



Whether you are an established business or a startup, ensuring you have a well thought out digital presence is the key to success. With RCG, we will ensure every project we take on board, will meet our quality assurance criteria; Through collaboration between our strategists, designers, technologists and you (the client).